Playful interactive installations

My interactive installations are independent work and are explorations of blending the digital and physical world. They often reward active participation and try to evoke playful behaviors. I prefer installations that surprise visitors by making them part of an installation before they are even aware of it. Changing passive viewers into becoming active participants is one of my ultimate challenges.

Available for hire

All installations are available for hire and can be modified to fit a specific theme or purpose. I would love to participate in an art, music or light festival or any event that involves interaction and innovation.

Available for commissioned work

I am also open for creating interactive installations on commission. I always love a good story as a starting point for coming up with an interactive concept.

Contact me if your would like to discuss an idea:
+31 631955379 or via mail


Mijn website is dan misschien wel in het Engels, maar ik woon en werk gewoon in Nederland. Verhuur van mijn interactieve installaties binnen Nederland ligt dus het meest voor de hand. Schroom vooral niet om contact met me op te nemen.