A Different Take On Me; experience an iconic music video in real life

In 1985 the Norwegian band a-ha released a videoclip for their song Take On Me. It featured the mixing of real life footage with hand drawn images.


This videoclip was very innovative for it’s time and inspired numerous spinoffs and tributes. One particular scene contains a white frame that acts as a visual portal between the real and sketched world. This is especially noticeable when the camera pans to the other side of the frame.

Take on me, but now starring you

My installation uses a frame similar to the one in the videoclip. The frame acts as the central piece of attention of the installation. A live image of the frame and the visitors surrounding it is projected onto a screen behind the frame. As visitors approach the frame they will notice that they are pictured in color when standing behind the frame. And that they are sketched when standing besides the frame. When sticking their hand through te frame they will discover that their hand is sketched also. What happens then is up to the visitors.

Portal into a digital world

The idea of a portal between a real and alternative worlds intrigues me. It provides a very natural way for seamlessly transitioning between differents worlds. And that without having to put on a virtual or augmented reality headset.

Photos & screenshots

A Different Take On Me at Helemaal Melkweg
A Different Take On Me at Helemaal Melkweg




Public appearances:

  • Bring Your Own Beamer 2016, Utrecht
  • Festival Helemaal Melkweg, 18 februari 2017, Melkweg, Amsterdam
  • Nuit Numérique #15, 17 march 2018, Saint-Ex, Reims (FR)