I am a software designer with a passion for technology that touches people. This involves mixing the digital and the real in interesting new ways. Lately I am mostly working on Mixed Reality projects for HoloLens.

I am available for part-time freelance jobs and love to be involved in projects that require creative input or have a research component. Oh, and I live in the Netherlands.

Apps that I developed can be found at my company website: Having Function

Main areas of expertise:

  • Mixed Reality / HoloLens development
  • Interactive 3D Visualizations
  • Natural User Interfaces
  • Games & Simulations
  • Multitouch Software
  • App Development
  • Creative Coding

If your are looking for a creative coder, Unity programmer, shader specialist, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality or Virtual Reality (or any other New Reality) developer, Spatial Computing Explorer, 3D generalist, Instagram filter developer, creative technologist, Three.js or WebGL developer, game developer, technical artist, SparkAR filter creator, Dutch face filter creator, tool builder, RealSense or Kinect programmer, natural user interface prototyper, volumetric video technician, human factors concepter, experience ideator, surrealistic labyrinth builder, digital artist, interactive installation conceptualist, consider contacting me for availability:
+31 (0)631955379