I am a software designer with a passion for technology that touches people. This involves mixing the digital and the real in interesting new ways. Lately I am mostly working on Mixed Reality projects for HoloLens.

I am available for part-time freelance jobs and love to be involved in projects that require creative input or have a research component. Oh, and I live in the Netherlands.

Apps that I developed can be found at my company website: Having Function

Main areas of expertise:

  • Mixed Reality / HoloLens development
  • Interactive 3D Visualizations
  • Natural User Interfaces
  • Games & Simulations
  • Multitouch Software
  • App Development
  • Creative Coding

Technical skills (non-exhaustive):

  • C#, C++
  • 3D Graphics, Unity3D, WebGL/Three.js, XNA/Monogame/SharpDX, OpenGL
  • Game Technology, Kinect, VBS2
  • WPF, MVVM, UWP, Windows 10

Contact me for availability:
+31 (0)631955379


I am member of Noomats, a group of creative nomads that bundle their forces, knowledge and energy to perform projects that demand more than their individual expertise.